Fellow Traveler, Where Is Your Home?

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Fellow traveler, where is your home?

It’s a question I sometimes ask myself, especially during the holidays, which for many reasons have more to do with family traditions, friends, weather and my Mom’s good cooking more than anything else. And yet, I’m asking something much deeper than the place where you live.

The answer to where home is will be different for each of us. Home is where you long to be, whether it’s where you come from, the place you’re most comfortable, where you understand the local customs, or just being with the people you love and care about the most.  It can be all or none of the above.  Home is where your heart is. According to poet Robert Frost, home is where they have to take you in.  On the other hand, according to poet Maya Angelou, every human being longs to be at home wherever you find yourself.

Few things in life are as comforting as the idea of home —being there, going back there, or dreams of making a new home.

“Home is an emotional state, a place in the imagination where feelings of security, belonging, placement, family, protection, memory, and personal history abide. Our dreams and fantasies of home may give us direction and calm our anxieties as we continually look for ways for satisfying our longing for home.”  writes psychologist and spiritual thinker Thomas Moore.

America is, after all, the “Home of the Brave.”

Fenway Park calls itself “Home of the Red Sox.”

Burger King merely the “Home of the Whopper.”

Home speaks. We listen.

During my lifetime, I’ve lived in some interesting places — on a mountaintop chalet overlooking a majestic lake in New Hampshire, in a modest ranch-style home heated by a wood stove in the suburbs of North Carolina, on a military post located in a valley surrounded by the Alps in southern Germany — and just about every kind of house or apartment in or near big cities. Wherever I happen to be, I always make myself feel at home, even when sometimes it’s easier said than done.

Home for me now is in a house surrounded by tall, sheltering pine trees, rolling greens otherwise known as golf courses, and a yard that backs up to a regional airport where several times a week, throngs of golfers make their way into a town with New England-named streets, and boasts southern-bred charm and manners.  Here, out-of-town visitors and locals alike come to play  world-renowned golf courses which happens to be the home of the U.S. Golf Association’s 2014 U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open.

We rent from a very nice couple who are currently making their temporary home in Okinawa, Japan.   In the meantime, or at least until the military calls us to move again and make a new home someplace else in this world, our home will continue to be a comfortable shelter, filled with warmth and love, laughter,  and welcoming neighbors.  No, it isn’t my dream home, that one lies somewhere in the midst of an undetermined future.

For us, and perhaps you, too, the definition of home is forever changing.

For now, I like calling North Carolina home.

Where is your home?


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