Bits of Belgium

Brugge is Picture Perfect.

Around every corner, every alley and beyond every bridge is another view of this charming, medieval city.

Bruges’ City Hall (1376-1421) has governed from here for more than 600 years. The Gothic Hall is absolutely amazing with its impressive vaulted ceiling and 20th century murals showing the history of Bruges. The City Hall is also a popular venue for weddings!

One of the best things you can see in Bruges are the windmills. Belgium has a rich mill history and Bruges at one time had as many as 23 windmills here! They have been a part of the town walls since the late 13th century. Only four windmills remain today between the Dampoort and the Kruispoort.


Just a short 25 minutes drive outside of Brugge is the Nordsee. Soft, buttery sand makes the perfect place for a picnic on the beach or lunch at one of the many boardwalk cafes.

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